Sunday, November 9, 2014

Big News!!!

Hi,I am McPaku.

I have a big news to tell you.

RE-AGREE - INDENTURE OF APOSTLES will has a Kickstarter up and running for its very first comic book l!

I also made a terrible video.  I was so nervous the whole time XD Lost so much sleep putting things together. This whole thing took way more than I was anticipating, but it's finally launched and I can finally go to bed!

- full color cover
- two full-color insert illustrations
- 168 pages of RE-AGREE - INDENTURE OF APOSTLES comic (chapters 1-4)

There are many EXCLUSIVE rewards to pledgers, including:

- postcard set
- desktop wallpapers (exclusive!)
- special thanks mention in book
- PDF copy of book
- physical copy of book (of course!)
- Alice dakimakura, aka love pillow,  double sided!
- Alice paper craft!
- T-shirt of Magic Marker!
- Part 2 oil Painting art!
- fan of Re-agree!

I might be forgetting something... but it's all will be on the website!

I will post specific news in next chapter~

Or you can follow my blog or facebook to get the latest news.



Help me make my dream come true, and you will get some lovely prizes! I am currently taking suggestions for stretch goals!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

What am I doing now.

This time I was busy to scan Part 5 of Re-agree,I think it will be coming soon.Than I was designing the paper chapter of Alice.Well I think it will tanke me 3 weeks to do that.But look,It's so kawayi,right?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A little change of Notice.

So,well.I found a mistake.
Maybe some people think the address is the privacy.So I think you can tell me your email in the blog.
I send email to you,and than you can tell me your adress.=w=

Monday, September 22, 2014

About Re-agree - Indenture of Apostles.

Behind Re-agree - Indenture of Apostles. Well when I was a kid,I was obsessed with Manga and always wanted to create a masterpiece like CardCapter Sakura. Since then I was really into drawing shoujos in comic styles. Later in my college years in an academy of Fine Arts however,I turned to do some character designs for video games. Then one of my friends who knows my obsession with Japanese stuffs asked me “why not try to make a manga NOW?”, which reminds me my original goal. That's how RE-AGREE comes into being. Since this is my first manga, its quality is kinda limited as I still need to hone my painting and storytelling skills. That’s the reason why I’ve been trying to befriend many comic artists, chinese or not. And we really enjoy the happiness that the freedom of creating manga has brought to us. When me and my fellow artists were about to graduate and planned to bring our manga to the next level, we realized there is a problem. Chinese comics publishers do not accept comics with sexy themes and Religious themes due to related policies, meanwhile my comics are free to browse on the internet (which it should be). But that would leave me no choice but to give up manga if I want to feed myself - since no income can be made out of it. Still, I want to make sure my previous efforts are not in vain. I looked for a job that is not so busy so that I can still paint alongside my workload. It took me six months to polish the manga from head to toe, ready to be presented to manga-lovers like you. One day to my surprise (a happy one ofc) I heard that my manga has been translated into English and put on forums. However those manga pages are the original version. I’m uploading my polished version now since I want you guys to see the best of my works. Right now I'm busy doing comics and related products design. The manga Re-AGREE, will be published on REAL paper. Hope everything goes well, fingers crossed.


This is my university job,and take me about two month.First I make the CG,and than I copy it on the canvas,of caurse use the paintbrush,lol.I think this is a funny try,I think I will continue to oil painting if I have free

Re-agree - Indenture of Apostles Part3~~~~~lol