Sunday, November 9, 2014

Big News!!!

Hi,I am McPaku.

I have a big news to tell you.

RE-AGREE - INDENTURE OF APOSTLES will has a Kickstarter up and running for its very first comic book l!

I also made a terrible video.  I was so nervous the whole time XD Lost so much sleep putting things together. This whole thing took way more than I was anticipating, but it's finally launched and I can finally go to bed!

- full color cover
- two full-color insert illustrations
- 168 pages of RE-AGREE - INDENTURE OF APOSTLES comic (chapters 1-4)

There are many EXCLUSIVE rewards to pledgers, including:

- postcard set
- desktop wallpapers (exclusive!)
- special thanks mention in book
- PDF copy of book
- physical copy of book (of course!)
- Alice dakimakura, aka love pillow,  double sided!
- Alice paper craft!
- T-shirt of Magic Marker!
- Part 2 oil Painting art!
- fan of Re-agree!

I might be forgetting something... but it's all will be on the website!

I will post specific news in next chapter~

Or you can follow my blog or facebook to get the latest news.



Help me make my dream come true, and you will get some lovely prizes! I am currently taking suggestions for stretch goals!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

What am I doing now.

This time I was busy to scan Part 5 of Re-agree,I think it will be coming soon.Than I was designing the paper chapter of Alice.Well I think it will tanke me 3 weeks to do that.But look,It's so kawayi,right?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A little change of Notice.

So,well.I found a mistake.
Maybe some people think the address is the privacy.So I think you can tell me your email in the blog.
I send email to you,and than you can tell me your adress.=w=